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ZCC.CT tools Application in Exhaust Manifolds Machining


Exhaust manifolds is the part of an engine that supplies the air to the cylinders. The function is to collect engine exhaust from multiple cylinders and deliver it to a treatment system so as to avoid environmental detriment. Exhaust manifolds are generally made from cast iron or nodular cast iron materials. In recent years, due to light weight, durability and smooth inner wall and low exhaust resistance, it have been applied in automotive industry more and more massively.

Here is the solution for exhaust manifolds machining

Workpiece Material: Nodular Cast Iron HB200

Technical Process

■Milling face of large flange

■Hole making for large flange

■Milling and hole-making for flange face of supercharger

■Pipe orifice machining

1Milling face of large flange

Cutter body:FME03-125-B40-SP12-08

Rough milling  


cutting data: V=100m/min , fz=0.15~0.24mm/z ,ap=3~4mm;

Finish milling


YD201/SPEX1203EDR-1(with wiper)。

Cutting data:V=100m/min , fz=0.1mm/z,ap=0.5mm。

2Hole making for large flange

There are three main dimension, they areΦ13.1X6 (hole number), Φ11X1 (it is a elliptical hole and drilling first then milling)



Cutting data:n=1400~1600r/min , fr=0.2~0.3mm/r;

Elliptical hole Milling


Cutting data:n=7000r/min , fz=0.04mm/z;

3Milling and hole-making for flange face of supercharger

Flange face: Requiring sharp cutting edge and low cutting force



Cutting dataCutting data:V=210m/min,fz=0.2mm/z

Drilling on small flange:

Tool  1105SC03-1050

Cutting data:n=1400~1600r/min , fr=0.2~0.3mm/r;

4Pipe orifice machining

Face Milling



Cutting data:V=100m/min , fz=0.15mm/z ,ap=2mm;

Rough Boring

Tool: Rough boring tool with two

doublecutting edges


Cutting data:V=150m/min,fz=0.2mm/z

Finish Boring:

Tool: Innovative precision boring tool


Cutting data:V=180m/min,fz=0.1mm/z