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Newly Upgraded ZCC·CT Double-sided S Type Face Milling Cutter With High Performance - FM17 Series


  • The cutting tools are equipped with coarse pitch, close pitch, left-handed thread and cutting rings for finish machining. Full specifications are available.
  • The comprehensive geometries matched with the competitive grades of ZCC·CT carbide inserts can be applied to milling on P/M/K/S materials.

Application Case 1

Working material:HT250(HB220)

Cutting tool:FMA17-160-C40-SN12-12


Cutting data:Vc=160mm/min, Fz=0.15mm/Z, Ap=2mm, Ae=100m

Coolant:external coolant


Other company:11/flute

Application Case 2

Working material:QT600(HB250)

Cutting tool:FMA17-100-A32-SN12-08


Cutting data:Vc=267mm/min, Fz=0.18mm/Z, Ap=1.5mm, Ae=90m

Coolant:external coolant


Other company:10/flute

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