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ZCCCT Tools Application in air compressor


Air compressor is the basic product of industrial modernization and core equipment for providing air source power and air-operated system. It is a device that converts mechanical energy (usually electromotor) into gas pressure. When air compressor is at work, air absorbed by self-cleaning air filter, through PLC automatic self-cleaning strainer, enters into first-stage compression, then goes to intercooler for cooling due to the high heat after compression,(water moves inside tube, air flows outside tube, water volume requirement is110m/h) then goes to second compression system, to avoid the air pouring into compression chamber (avoid start with pressure), with a hanging check valve in exhaust pipe, exhaust gas pushes away check valve to enter into exhaust silencer, then goes to first aftercooler, second aftercooler, then goes to main exhaust pipe.

Here is the solution for air compressor HT-250(HB196-241)technique process.

upper face and right face milling


Insert:YBD152/PNEG110512R-CM YBD152/PNEG1105-PW6  

Cutting data:Vc=180m/min  fz=0.2mm/z

Face milling



Cutting data:Vc=180m/min  fz=0.25mm/z

Boring and chamfering

Rough boring

Tool: non-standard composite tool


Cutting data:Vc=120m/min  fz=0.25mm/z


Finish boring

Tool:Φ39、Φ90 non-standard composite tool

Insert:YNG151C/CCGT060202-SF / YNG151C/CCGT09T304-SF

Cutting data:Vc=150m/min  fz=0.2mm/z

Slot milling

Tool: non-standard welding milling cutter

Cutting speed:Vc=120m/min  fz=0.15mm/z

Hole rough boring



Cutting data:Vc=120m/min  fz=0.2mm/z

Hole chamfering



Cutting speed:Vc=150m/min  fz=0.2mm/z

Internal hole finish boring



Cutting data:Vc=150m/min  fz=0.1mm/z

Finish milling of base face



Cutting data:Vc=220m/min  fz=0.2mm/z

Drilling M8 thread bottom hole

Tool: Non-standard cemented carbide)Φ6.75*18*Φ10*89

Cutting data: Vc=100m/min  fr=0.15mm/r

M8-6H threading

Tool:(solid carbide taps)4201C-M8*1.25-6H                 

Cutting speed:   Vc=20m/min  fr=1.25mm/r